"Does Your Gear Matter?" by Kyle Caraher

Hey everybody! Welcome back to my blog. If this is your first time here, check out my first post where I tell you a little but about myself. A quick summary is I am a photographer who likes to try new things haha. So today I want to talk about Camera Gear and if it matters or not.

I would like to start by showing you an award winning image taken by “Lara Jade'“


Now, this photograph has depth of field/composition/contrast/good lighting/beautiful colors. And it was taken on a $49 TOY CAMERA!

Lara Jake was part of a photo contest where they had to use cheap cameras. Which can definitely impact the quality of your image. But knowing this, she used her knowledge of Lighting/Composition to work with a talented model to create this beautiful image. And she won the contest. Not only that, but this picture is better than lots of photos taken on a professional $2,000 camera.

My point in this is that it doesn’t matter what you have, it matters what you know. Don’t worry about having the best gear. Instead take your time learning everything you can with the gear you do have. My first 2 years of photography I used a Canon t3i and a cheap nifty fifty, and I edited on my parents ancient desktop. And I was doing paid gigs, because I understood the fundamentals of a good photo.

As time goes on, and you do more jobs, learn more. Of course you are going to upgrade your gear. And what you buy depends on what type of photography you are doing. So if you take one thing from this, let it be this: Don’t rush into purchasing camera gear!

- Kyle Caraher

"Be Nice To Your Haters" by Kyle Caraher

Hey there everyone!

This is my first Blog Post, so let me introduce myself! My name is Kyle and I am a photographer from Howell, MI, I have been shooting proffesionaly for about 4 years. But I have been working in the “Creative Feild” for about 5 years. Doing stuff like videography/photography/web design/social media marketing, but one thing I never tried is Blogging! So here we are haha. Now that we are introduced, lets get into my first topic "Be Nice To Your Haters"

There is a false stereotype about people in the creative field that we don’t have real jobs. Which obviously could not be farther from the truth. And I, like many others, deal with this criticism all the time. But, why? Why do people think that? Well I wanted to know, so I asked some people who have criticized me for my job, what do they do. I wanted to know if there was a pattern in the type of jobs that these people had. And there is. When I asked them what they wanted to do when they were a kid/what their dream job was, it wasn’t even close to what they do for work now. So my hypothesis is that the people who say that Creatives don’t have “real jobs” simply can not comprehend the idea that someone can enjoy their work. That they can be exited everyday to go to work. To put in 20 hour days, sacrifice recreational time to keep working. And still love it.

It isn’t something that they have ever experienced so they do not understand it. But, I wasn’t happy with learning that. Because even though those people are SUPER irritating, its sad. They never were able to get their dream jobs. When I asked them why they never pursued their dreams, their answer were all very different . But it all revolved around the amount of time and sacrifice it would have taken. And that’s true. It takes a lot of sacrifice, living on a low budget/not going out with your friends all the time/not eating out. So when you are living that type of life for a long time, it will be difficult. Maybe the most difficult thing you have ever had to do.

I think that it is a fair price to pay for your dream job. Some people don’t think so, and those are the people that tell us to “get a real job.” And they are never going to know what if would feel like to love their work. And that’s sad. So, be nice to your haters.

- Kyle Caraher