Fall Senior Photos (Hartland, Michigan) by Kyle Caraher



I guess it is always Senior Season haha

These are some Senior Photos I took this past Sunday. It was the classic case of the guy who doesn’t want to have his picture taken, which is extremely common. I’ve found that it is better to shoot for a shorter amount of time and try to get a few real smiles in, rather than shooting for a long time when they already don’t want to be there. Talking about things that they are interested in/trying to make them laugh is most effective..

This particular Senior had a very cool classic car, so we took some photos with it, and I could tell right away that he didn’t mind taking those photos. They turned out pretty cool, and he was happy because we were able to do the whole shoot in about 45 minuets.

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Fall Mini Photoshoot (Dalia) by Kyle Caraher



This is Dalia, a model from Michigan. She took advantage of a Fall Mini Photoshoot Sale that I was running last month. Dalia is a Editorial and Fashion model, and I am a Editorial and Fashion Photographer. So naturally we worked very well together! Here are some of the shots we were able to create:

We shot at about 4pm, which in my opinion can create some really beautiful light depending on your surroundings. Typically “Golden Hour” is best, which is the hour before the sun completely goes down. During this time, the sunlight is a bit softer than say around noon. It looks a bit warmer and you sometimes get those nice sunset colors!

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Event Photography at “The Whiskey Factory” (Redbull party) by Kyle Caraher



I did some Roaming Photography for a RedBull corporate party yesterday. I really enjoy this type of job because it involves so many types of photography:

  1. Lifestyle Photography

  2. Journalistic Photography

  3. Food Photography

  4. Product Photography

  5. Portrait Photography

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Studio Portrait Photography (Bailey) by Kyle Caraher



Bailey and I shot some Studio Portraits the other day, this was the outcome.

One of the fun things about shooting in a studio, is that you have challenge yourself to create unique and creative poses. Because there is no nature or landscape to interact with, its just the model and MAYBE a few props.

We also shot some stuff using this Pink Seamless Backdrop. Which is not my normal style but it was fun to play around with!

If you want some Studio Portraits of your own:

Creative Mens Portraits (Bill) by Kyle Caraher



This is Bill, a local entrepreneur and business leader!

Today we played around with Portrait Lighting and different Creative Poses. Posing can be tricky, especially if you are not used to being on camera.

A Tip: Practice posing and making different facial expressions in the mirror, I know it feels silly. But it truly helps you find your best angle and feel more comfortable! 😁

Go check out Bill on Instagram! (@billhamway)

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Fun Fall Portraits (Vivian) by Kyle Caraher



This is Vivian, we used to work together at M-Street Baking Co. in Howell, MI.

Vivian is a: Barista/Cake Decorator/Film Photographer/Painter and all around artist!

Because of the time we are currently living in, social presence is so important! Even if you’re not a model you need to have photos of yourself. People want to know who they are interacting with!

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Womens Lifestyle Portraits (Claire) by Kyle Caraher



This is Claire, a 4x Published Photographer and Model from Ann Arbor, MI

This is a shot from back in June 2019, we were going for a Street-Style Women’s Fashion look. I really love the way it turned out!

A Tip:

Cloudy and overcast days are actually the best for photos! The clouds create diffusion for the sunlight and prevents harsh shadows!

Mens Fashion Portraits (Bailey) by Kyle Caraher



This is Bailey, an Fashion Model from Howell, MI.

Bailey and I have been shooting together for about a year, he is my go to model when it comes to new concepts. Him and I are always brainstorming new ideas and I have been very lucky to work with him on a number of Editorial Fashion Photoshoots!

Here are some more shots from past shoots!

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Editorial Portraits (Kennedy) by Kyle Caraher



Kennedy and I met through a mutual photographer friend. When I found out that she models for editorial portraits, I had to reach out! We shot back in August, at Island Lake in Brighton, MI.

After chatting for a few minutes we decided that actually getting IN the water would be really cool and create some visual interest. I am so thankful that she was willing, because these shots turned out AWESOME!

We also shot some Portraits that were not in the water… and those turned out pretty cool too!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!