I refuse to be stereotypical

My name is Kyle Caraher. I grew up in Michigan, and I am a Photographer.

Hang on, let me be a bit more specific about some of that. I am a Editorial Portrait Photographer from Fowlerville, MI. Now a lot of you may be wondering what an “editorial portrait photographer” even is. So here is a brief description; Editorial Portraits demand lots of imagination and creativity because they are meant to convey as much information about the subject as possible. You get a sense of the subject, understand them, feel a connection.

I know, very philosophical haha! But that is what I love about my work. When I meet a client for the first time, I try to get a sense and understanding of them/their personality. Because if I don't, how am I going to take photos of them, that actually FEEL like them?

I REFUSE to just “take their photos” and move on. If you are paying me to capture photos of you on a special day/in your element or even of a product. I am going to give my all to create the photos that you not only need, but the photos you WANT.

- Kyle Caraher


Photos by: Claire Lindsey